Hi everyone!  Several of our Sidewalk Astronomers will be out tonight at the Monrovia Myrtle and Lime corner, from about 7:15 p.m. to 9:00 or so. I won't be there, but will be with you all in spirit, as you look up at the beautiful first quarter moon. 

I have a lovely photo to share -  of my mom and dad doing Sidewalk Astronomy in San Rafael, CA.  My dad died yesterday at 95.6 years old, and my mom died Oct 2 last year at 92.  Two lives well lived and they were well loved, and made me the inquisitive person I became.  Here they are sharing views through their own sidewalk telescopes at their San Rafael church. I often joined them with my own telescopes in the 1990's and early 2000's before I moved south for work at JPL, and Mojo and I discovered our beloved Myrtle and Lime Sidewalk Astronomy corner. Some old timers on this email list probably bumped into my mom and dad on the sidewalks up in Marin County :-)

Sidewalk Astronomy with mom and dad http://photo.whiteoaks.com/2007-11-18-churchastronomy/slides/churchastro5.html

My mom was an artist and often illustrated astronomy articles I wrote.
Here aremy two favorite writeups she illustrated for the Sidewalk Astronomy newsletter in the 1990's, which definitely led to my love of writing about astronomy, and led me to theMyrtle and Lime corner. <3


Over and out from Jane and the wonderful members of our little gang of Sidewalk Astronomers

What's Up April from JPL - still awesome! https://youtu.be/MeiGUv5jF5Y
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